What does EWLS mean Miscellaneous Unclassified ?

This is a page where explained definition of EWLS - acronym, abbreviation or shorthand form.
On this page you can see detailed information about EWLS as it is used in Miscellaneous- Unclassified sector.

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EWLS in Miscellaneous Unclassified means:

Extraordinary Women Leaders in Speleology

EWLS in Miscellaneous Unclassified stands for: Extraordinary Women Leaders in Speleology, but what about the same or alike Acronyms?

Maybe you are also interested other acronyms like EWLS which are used with different definition and different situations? Here they are, below.

Similar acronyms

Short form   Meaning Category Second Category
EWLS Means Extraordinary Women Leaders in Speleology Miscellaneous Unclassified
WLIT Means Women Leaders in Technology Computing Technology
EWL Means Empowering Women As Leaders Miscellaneous Unclassified
YWL Means Young Women Leaders Miscellaneous Unclassified
WLF Means Women Leaders Forum Community Forums
WLO Means Women Leaders Online Community
EPEC Means Extraordinary People Extraordinary Canines Miscellaneous Unclassified
PLWG Means Professional Leaders of Women and Girls Miscellaneous Unclassified
WLHE Means Women Leaders in Higher Education Community Educational
CDWL Means Career Development for Women Leaders Community Development
WLLE Means Women Leaders in Law Enforcement Governmental Law & Legal
WBLN Means Women Business Leaders Network Miscellaneous Funnies
SWELL Means Society of Women Engineers Leaders and Learners Academic & Science Societies
IUS Means International Union of Speleology Academic & Science Geology
BEAT Means Being Extraordinary Around Tallahassee Miscellaneous Unclassified
X-MEN Means Extraordinary Men Miscellaneous Funnies
EM Means Extraordinary Musicians Business Companies & Firms
LXO Means Living Extraordinary Miscellaneous
EOX Means Extraordinary Design Academic & Science Architecture
UXG Means Un-eXtraordinary Gentlemen Community Music
EM Means Extraordinary And Magical Miscellaneous Unclassified
TET Means The Extraordinary Tourist Miscellaneous Unclassified
NEW Means Non Extraordinary Warriors Governmental Military
EIO Means Extraordinary in Ordinary Miscellaneous Unclassified
EGM Means Extraordinary General Meeting Business General