What does FKR mean Miscellaneous Unclassified ?

This is a page where explained definition of FKR - acronym, abbreviation or shorthand form.
On this page you can see detailed information about FKR as it is used in Miscellaneous- Unclassified sector.

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FKR in Miscellaneous Unclassified means:

Furth Killeen Rosenbluth

FKR in Miscellaneous Unclassified stands for: Furth Killeen Rosenbluth, but what about the same or alike Acronyms?

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Similar acronyms

Short form   Meaning Category Second Category
FKR Means Furth Killeen Rosenbluth Miscellaneous Unclassified
ILE Means Killeen Municipal Airport, Killeen, Texas USA Regional Airport Codes
NEFKOM Means Nürnberg Erlangen Fürth Kommunikation Business International Business
WLMF Means Wiki Loves Monuments Fürth Miscellaneous Unclassified
76541 Means Killeen, TX Regional ZIP Codes
KMT Means Killeen Machine Tool Business Companies & Firms
KPD Means Killeen Police Department Governmental Police
KRB Means Killeen Rebels Baseball Sports Baseball
KDH Means Killeen Daily Herald Miscellaneous Unclassified
KEDC Means Killeen Economic Development Corporation Business Companies & Firms