What does CI mean Medical British Medicine ?

This is a page where explained definition of CI - acronym, abbreviation or shorthand form.
On this page you can see detailed information about CI as it is used in Medical- British Medicine sector.

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CI in Medical British Medicine means:

clinical indicator

CI in Medical British Medicine stands for: clinical indicator, but what about the same or alike Acronyms?

Maybe you are also interested other acronyms like CI which are used with different definition and different situations? Here they are, below.

Similar acronyms

Short form   Meaning Category Second Category
CI Means clinical indicator Medical British Medicine
ACRP Means Association of Clinical Research Professionals, formerly Associates in Clinical Pharmacology Medical British Medicine
SIBioC Means Italian Society of Clinical Biochemistry and Clinical Molecular Biology Academic & Science Societies
NCCA Means National Centre For Clinical Audit (absorbed by National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence–NIC) Medical British Medicine
OSCE XX Means Objective Structured Clinical Exam, Observed Structured Clinical Examination Medical British Medicine
NVI Means No Value Indicator Computing Assembly
IND Means Indicator Governmental NASA
MI Means Mode Indicator Governmental NASA
CI Means Cycle Indicator Business Products
IOC Means Indicator of Compromise Computing Cyber & Security
IOI Means Indicator of Interest Miscellaneous Unclassified
TUI Means The Ultimate Indicator Miscellaneous Unclassified
CDI Means Course Deviation Indicator Governmental Transportation
IOD Means indicator of disinterest Miscellaneous Unclassified
QI Means Quality Indicator Governmental US Government
TOVI Means The Option Value Indicator Business Stock Exchange
FI Means Flow Indicator Business Products
NI Means National Indicator Medical British Medicine
PI Means Performance Indicator Governmental Police
KI Means Key Indicator Miscellaneous Unclassified
CI Means Custom Indicator Governmental Transportation
AI Means Abstract Indicator Miscellaneous Unclassified
RQI Means RNA quality indicator Miscellaneous Unclassified
DFTI Means Distance From Touchdown Indicator Miscellaneous Unclassified
FLI Means Fuel Level Indicator Academic & Science Mechanics