What does WFA mean Computing Drivers ?

This is a page where explained definition of WFA - acronym, abbreviation or shorthand form.
On this page you can see detailed information about WFA as it is used in Computing- Drivers sector.

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WFA in Computing Drivers means:

Wi - Fi Alliance

WFA in Computing Drivers stands for: Wi - Fi Alliance, but what about the same or alike Acronyms?

Maybe you are also interested other acronyms like WFA which are used with different definition and different situations? Here they are, below.

Similar acronyms

Short form   Meaning Category Second Category
WFA Means Wi - Fi Alliance Computing Drivers
WFA Means Wi Fi Alliance Governmental Alliances
WFC Means Wi Fi Calling Miscellaneous Unclassified
WIAD Means WI fi ADvertising Community News & Media
WFC Means Wi Fi C Miscellaneous Unclassified
WFC Means Wi Fi Connection Miscellaneous Unclassified
WFD Means Wi Fi Direct Miscellaneous Unclassified
WSC Means Wi-Fi Simple Configuration Computing Drivers
WI5 Means Broadband and Wi-Fi provider Business Companies & Firms
WPA Means Wi-Fi Protected Access Computing
WFDS Means Wi Fi Direct Services Miscellaneous Unclassified
WPS Means Wi-Fi Protected Setup Internet
WPS Means Wi-Fi Protected Service Computing Technology
WFTF Means Wi Fi Technology Forum Community Conferences
WPA2 Means Wi-fi Protected Access 2 Computing Networking
FI Means FI is Miscellaneous Unclassified
VF Means Vari Fi Miscellaneous Unclassified
SIFI Means Sci Fi Miscellaneous Unclassified
SF Means Semper Fi Miscellaneous Unclassified
HFS Means Hi-Fi Stereo Business Products
SFF Means Semper Fi Fund Community Non-Profit Organizations
TSFP Means The Sci Fi Podcast Miscellaneous Unclassified
SFR Means Sci Fi Romance Miscellaneous Unclassified
JBHKRR Means Jb Hi-fi Limited Business ASX Symbols
LFA Means Lo Fi Apocalypse Miscellaneous Unclassified