What does WBFB mean Sports Boxing ?

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WBFB in Sports Boxing means:

World Boxing Federation Broadcasting

WBFB in Sports Boxing stands for: World Boxing Federation Broadcasting, but what about the same or alike Acronyms?

Maybe you are also interested other acronyms like WBFB which are used with different definition and different situations? Here they are, below.

Similar acronyms

Short form   Meaning Category Second Category
WBFB Means World Boxing Federation Broadcasting Sports Boxing
WBF Means World Boxing Federation Sports Boxing
WIBF Means World International Boxing Federation Sports Boxing
WTBF Means World Tournament Boxing Federation Sports Boxing
IBF Means International Boxing Federation Sports Boxing
WABF Means Western Amateur Boxing Federation Sports Boxing
ABFZ Means Amateur Boxing Federation of Zambia Sports Boxing
SKBF Means Swiss Kick Boxing Federation Sports Boxing
WBF Means World Boxing Sports Boxing
WBF Means World Boxing Foundation Miscellaneous Foundations
WBU Means World Boxing Union Sports Boxing
WBC Means World Boxing Council Sports Boxing
WSB Means World Series Boxing Sports Boxing
WRB Means World Robot Boxing Sports Boxing
WBC Means World Boxing Commission Sports Boxing
WBO Means World Boxing Organization Sports Boxing
WBA Means World Boxing Association Sports Boxing
WCBO Means World Chess Boxing Organization Sports Boxing
WPBU Means World Professional Boxing Union Sports Boxing
WBVA Means World Boxing Video Archive Sports Boxing
WCBM Means World Championship Boxing Manager Business Occupation & Positions
WBU Means World Broadcasting Union Community News & Media
WBU Means World Broadcasting Unions Community Unions
WCCB Means World Center for Classical Broadcasting Community Music
WIBN Means World Internet Broadcasting Network Community News & Media