What does AILF mean Miscellaneous Foundations ?

This is a page where explained definition of AILF - acronym, abbreviation or shorthand form.
On this page you can see detailed information about AILF as it is used in Miscellaneous- Foundations sector.

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AILF in Miscellaneous Foundations means:

American Immigration Lawyers Foundation

AILF in Miscellaneous Foundations stands for: American Immigration Lawyers Foundation, but what about the same or alike Acronyms?

Maybe you are also interested other acronyms like AILF which are used with different definition and different situations? Here they are, below.

Similar acronyms

Short form   Meaning Category Second Category
AILF Means American Immigration Lawyers Foundation Miscellaneous Foundations
AILA Means American Immigration Lawyers Association Governmental Law & Legal
ABIL Means Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers Business
AIC Means American Immigration Council Governmental Immigration
FAIR Means Federation for American Immigration Reform Governmental Immigration
AFIHC Means American Family Immigration History Center Community
ACTL Means American College of Trial Lawyers Academic & Science Colleges
AHLA Means American Health Lawyers Association Governmental Law & Legal
ATLA Means American Trial Lawyers Association Governmental Law & Legal
ATLA Means American Trial Lawyers Assoc Governmental Law & Legal
IALA Means Iranian American Lawyers Association Community Associations
ACLA Means American Catholic Lawyers Association Community Religion
IALA Means Italian American Lawyers Association Business Stock Exchange
AAML Means American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers Business Professional Organizations
ACLU Means American Communist Lawyers Union Miscellaneous Funnies
ACCL Means American College of Construction Lawyers Miscellaneous Construction
AALAM Means Asian American Lawyers Association of Massachusetts Community Associations
MALSF Means Mexican American Lawyers Scholarship Fund Governmental Law & Legal
LCL Means Lawyers Concerned For Lawyers Governmental Law & Legal
AFCA Means American Foundation Miscellaneous Foundations
ARF Means American Research Foundation Community Non-Profit Organizations
AAFI Means American Autism Foundation, Inc. Community Non-Profit Organizations
ACF Means American Chestnut Foundation Miscellaneous Foundations
APF Means American Porphyria Foundation Community Non-Profit Organizations
AHF Means American Hospice Foundation Community Non-Profit Organizations